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Fabulous Backpacking Trips

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Backpacking has always been a popular style of vacationing. It keeps things exciting and cheap, which can be very seductive characteristics in these tough financial times. At the point you decide that backpacking is your best and cheapest option to get away from it all for a while, the hardest part then becomes your destination. Backpacking will always be cheap, but airfare is not.

It will not always be the first place nominated, but Thailand is a wonderful option. Why? Everything is cheap there. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility and the prices are always right. Great year-round weather, beaches, historic temples, amazing and healthy cuisine, and elephant rides. That is just a small sample of the numerous offerings Thailand has to offer you.

Not always the cheapest, but far from the most expensive is London. With close to eight million people living there and arguably the best public transportation system, you will never be alone or without a ride. The sights are impeccable and the city is rich in everything. You will run out of time before you run out of things to see and do in London.

Since you are in London, trot over to Barcelona. Timeless architecture and a wonderful combination of cultures make it a fantastic destination for any backpacker. With splendid shopping options and a beautiful beach within walking distance at any point in the city, you will struggle to find yourself bored.

Make your trip fun, not regrettable with these cheap, fun and outstanding backpacking locations.

The Different Types Of Activity Holidays Available

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The types of activity holidays available are much more than African safaris or treks through the Himalayas.

Today, activity holidays are extremely versatile and should be based upon the individual’s personal interests. The realm of the types of activity holidays can take place in most anywhere in the world.

• Off the beaten track, adventurous options, can include rafting in Alaska, camping expeditions through Mount Kilimanjaro, or kayaking in New Zealand.

• Any lust for discovery can be appeased easily with an in-depth view of the ancient Inca temples of Peru. An interesting alternative activity holiday of discovery can be sighting great ruins, while floating in a felucca on the Nile.

• Sports fans can indulge in activity holidays in its entirety that help make future tennis, football or baseball games seem flawless when played.

• Families will cherish quality time together by an exciting activity holiday, such as surfing in Hawaii or snorkelling in Micronesia.

Seasons play a component in activity holidays, also. An avid skier need not be disappointed if their holiday is in July. The Southern Hemisphere will offer fine skiing and other winter activities during that time frame.

For those who wish to pursue a less strenuous time can still enjoy many other types of activity holidays that are accessible. Activities can include a picture perfect location such as the Grand Canyon while learning photography, or becoming a wine connoisseur amongst the vineyards of France.

What ever the interest, there’s an activity holiday made to order.

What to See And Do In Dubai

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Dubai is a place of many different cultures, which makes it a truly cosmopolitan city. It is also very compact, and visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities and see various sights quickly and easily. For example, they can experience a desert safari, visit old Dubai (Bastakiya) and become acquainted with modern Dubai and marvel at the contrast. Some of its main archeological sites in Jumeirah, Al Ghusais, and Al Sufooh are more than 2,000 years old. The mosque in Jumeirah, with its majestic dome and two minarets, is also a prime example of modern Islamic architecture. Even its golf courses are models of successful desert landscaping and greening, and the clubhouse architecture is spectacular.

The various Souks in the city are the most interesting places for sight-seeing and shopping. Visitors can buy traditional wedding gifts, fine jewelry at bargain prices, and an array of fresh seafood. At the Dubai Museum, colorful dioramas with special sound effects and life-sized figures present a compelling picture of what life there was like long ago. In its traditional heritage village, weavers and potters display their craft in homage to the past.

As part of 21st century Dubai, Wonderland—a favorite with children and adults alike—is a water theme park that can accommodate 8,000 visitors at once. Al Boom Tourist Village is an impressive city landmark that includes a marina and an ornamental lake, is expanding rapidly with new features to attract locals and visitors alike, including a five-star hotel and full-service guest chalets.

Six Key Items To Make Backpacking Safe And Enjoyable

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There are no drugstores or grocery stores in the wilderness! A backpacking trip, no matter how long the duration, will definitely be more enjoyable if you remember to pack several essential items.

(1) A first aid kit is a necessity for every backpacking trip. Include antiseptic cream, hand sanitizer, bandages, itch cream for poison ivy, scissors and pain relievers.

(2) Water and beverages that restore electrolytes to your body are another backpacking essential to keep your body well hydrated while hiking. Nutrient and energy-dense foods that won’t spoil, such as dried fruits and nuts, trail mix, granola bars, and energy bars. Include a small bottle of iodine tablets to purify lake or stream water. If you are doing any camp cooking, be sure to include matches or a lighter among your food supplies.

(3) Since footpower is your main means of transportation while backpacking, foot care items are another essential. Moleskin and cushioning pads for blisters, along with foot powder and dry socks to refresh your feet should be included.

(4) Foul weather gear should be suited to the time of year you are backpacking. Sunblock, insect repellant, a rain poncho and a sun visor are good ideas.

( 5) Don’t forget a reliable map and compass and learn how to use them before departing for your trip. Leave an itinerary of your backpacking route with a friend or relative.

(6) Proper shelter could mean the difference between hypothermia and a safe, sound sleep. Pack a tent, tarp or sleeping bag to offer warm shelter from the elements while napping or sleeping.

Famous Eco Tourism Destinations

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Eco-tourism is definitely the “in thing” right now and I hope many years into the future. For those who do not know what eco-tourism is, it is visiting places where the environment is one of the main concerns. In other words, we concentrate on things that will help save or protect our environment.

Japan is one of the top eco-tourism destinations because they have many eco-friendly activities. They have hot springs, abundant hiking trails, also water activities, such as snorkeling and diving. Japan also believes in public transportation which means you can leave the driving and gas problems behind.

Palau is another unspoiled island. The water is clear and unspoiled, the beaches are beautiful and clean and Palau wants to keep it that way

Costa Rica has long been known for its natural unspoiled beauty. Although Costa Rica is getting more visitors every year, it still manages to be one of the most “green” areas. They take pride in their beaches, parks and wildlife refuges. A majority of their hotels are eco-friendly also.

Norway is another eco-tourism spot. With Norway’s snowcapped mountains, magnificent fjords, beautiful waterfalls and sparking waters, Norway is a beautiful sight indeed. There is also an abundance of wildlife.

There are reasons why these places are so eco-friendly; these things do not happen by themselves. It takes the support of the residents and also cooperation from the people that come to visit. We all have to be much more aware of our environment and prepare for the future now.

Getting Vaccinations Before You Travel

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If you are thinking of traveling abroad then you should consider getting vaccinations before your trip. Some countries and regions of the world have mandatory vaccination requirements in order to gain entry and failure to have taken the vaccine can mean having to take the shot then and there. The best way to find out what is required as mandatory and what is recommended is to visit the CDC website. It breaks it down by country and region.

The newest and most pressing concern these days is for the H1N1 virus, formerly known as Swine Flu. This seems to be more prevalent in certain areas like Mexico and China. The major pharmaceutical companies are hard at work getting a H1N1 virus vaccine ready for the general public. Some companies, like Glaxo Smith Kline, already have a flu vaccine that they could adapt for the new strain of flu. Before these new vaccines can be released to the general public they have to go through vigorous research and medical studies.

Some of these vaccine studies and trials for the H1N1 flu virus have started and from what they say it should be ready to go by October. Everyone is keeping a close eye on this as the flu season is already upon us.

When you travel in tight places like airplanes or trains you are breathing recycled air and have a far greater chance of picking up something from someone else onboard. This is why there are vaccinations you should consider before traveling. You may take fantastic care of yourself and stay in top physical shape but all it takes is the slightest contact with an infected person to change that. Be safe when you travel and check before you go.

Fare war means big savings for airline travelers

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The recent downturn in airline traffic is a boon for frequent travelers, as airlines have slashed prices. Finding an airline travel deal has never been easier, as the major domestic airlines have dropped their rates by an average of 9.1 percent in the first quarter of 2009 alone. Airlines began cutting capacity as a result of the reduction in travelers during the global recession, but a recent reduction in fuel costs have allowed them to also reduce fares.

Almost every major domestic carrier has drastic reduced costs on airline tickets. Specials started appearing after Southwest Airlines cut rates on some of the most popular short flights to as low as $29 each way. The cheapest airfares of the major 100 cities can be found in Long Beach and Oakland, while Huntsville, Ala. and Cincinnati had the most expensive flights. (Cincinnati also had the biggest price reduction of any airport, with fares going down 17 percent in the last quarter.)

In addition, travelers might also find a great vacation package special as airlines are partnering with hotels to provide cheap oackages.

Managing Kids With Travel Sickness

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Car trips can be a challenge for parents managing kids with travel sickness. Fortunately, taking certain precautions can reduce the risk of nausea. There are also several ways to deal with carsickness if it occurs.

For children who are at least two years old, giving a dose of Dramamine or Benadryl 1 ½ hours prior to travel can help prevent nausea. Kids prone to carsickness should be seated in the middle of the backseat so that they are looking directly out the front windshield rather than the side windows.

Placing a cool washcloth on the forehead when a child complains of feeling queasy can sometimes ease nausea. Opening the windows to let fresh air in can also help the stomach settle. Holding an icepack on the back of the neck for about ten minutes can often stop carsickness from happening.

Foods and beverages containing ginger, such as ginger snap cookies and ginger ale, can help settle an upset stomach. Peppermints, saltine crackers, and lollipops are also good food choices for a child experiencing carsickness. If nausea occurs, drinking plenty of water is important in order to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Supplies such as packs of wet wipes and large, covered containers should be brought on the trip. In case the child gets sick, the containers can be used, sealed, and emptied at the nearest rest stop. Fabreeze can help freshen the air and remove unpleasant odors from the car. A change of clothes is also essential in case outfits are soiled.

Taking A Holiday To Russia

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A holiday to Russia would not be complete without enjoying the sights of Moscow, the capital city and also Russia’s cultural and historical center. Moscow is a combination of new buildings alongside ancient churches, monasteries, theaters, gardens, parks, and museums.

An outstanding art museum is the Tretyahov Gallery with an Old Gallery housing the works of Russian painters going back to the early fifteenth century and a New Gallery containing more contemporary artists, and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts hosts famous paintings as well as plaster casts of ancient scuptures. The Polytechnical Museum is Russia’s largest technical museum with many technological achievements and historical inventions. Moscow is also the center of Russian performing arts with 93 theatres, 132 cinemas, and 24 concert halls. You can experience everything from ballet to concerts put on by pop and rock stars to classical music at the Moscow International House of Music with the largest organ in Russia.

There are 18 gardens (including 4 botanical ones) and 96 parks. The Neskuchnly Garden (101 acres) is the oldest park in Moscow and the residence of a former Emperor and has the Green Theater, one of Europe’s largest open amphitheatres that can hold up to 15,000 people. The Losiny Ostrov National Park was Russia’s first national park and is called “Elk Island” because elk can be seen there, and Lilac Park has a large rosarium. Children will enjoy the Moscow State Circus, the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and the Moscow Zoo with more than 6,500 specimens.