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Penny Pinching in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a great place to visit whether on business or pleasure. If you are a budget conscious traveler, there are a few things you can do to save money.

First time visitors (and even some experienced travelers) make the mistake of using the Airport Express to get into the city. While it is quite fast and convenient, it is not necessarily the cheapest way to go to the city from the airport. Airport Express will cost you between $60 and $100, whereas the Airbus service will be between $30 and $45. The taxi service is not recommended as it will cost you almost $300 (prices are quoted in USD).

Once you are in the city, get yourself an Octopus Card. This is a prepaid card which can be recharged as often as you require. It allows you to use the Hong Kong public transportation system without the hassle of looking for local currency. All you have to do is swipe the card and the cost will be deducted from it. Hong Kong has an excellent public transport system, so this method will definitely save you lots of money. To top it all off, the card can even be used at the local McDonalds.

When you go to a restaurant, be aware that a service charge is included in the bill. So you do not really need to leave a substantial tip. However, it is considered common courtesy to leave small one. When you visit Kowloon market, be warned – the shops will try to fleece you because you are a tourist. Never take the first, second or even the third offer. Bargain for as long as you can if you really want the product. You will be surprised to find the price dropping below 50% of the originally quoted price.

Budget Family Vacations

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Family vacations are great, but they can also be quite expensive. There is no option of putting off a family vacation, as children just cannot wait for vacation time. These are also some of the times that you have such fond memories of and pictures and home videos. However, when planning out a family vacation, you must be conscious of how much it will set you back, and you must check if you can really afford it. If you can manage a great deal on a family vacation, then all is well and good, otherwise, here are a few great ideas for a family trip on a budget.

Keeping it affordable
Not every single family vacation must be to an exotic destination that costs you huge bucks. If you have small children, then it is best that you look for vacation spots that are not too far away. Camping is a great family vacation idea – and will also not cost you much. Choose a place that offers lots of activities such as horseback riding, hiking, skiing trails, rock climbing and hopefully a pool. Another good idea would be to camp at a farm. This way your children can get involved in farm activities like collecting eggs and milk in the mornings, helping to feed the animals and exploring the meadows.

Ideas for family vacations
If you are looking for options, first decide what kind of trip you want it to be. Do you want to visit the beach, could it be a road trip, or an adventure trip, a safari or even a family vacation on a houseboat? Talk to your family and make a collective decision.

Planning a Holiday to Vietnam

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Located in South East Asia, Vietnam is becoming a fairly popular destination for holidaying. Plagued by its association with war and poverty, Vietnam is still not a top choice amongst most people for a holiday destination. However, over the years, Vietnam has slowly risen to its feet, and the economy has just started to take off.

Blessed with beautiful beaches, snow-capped mountains and wonderful cities, Vietnam is a picturesque country.

When to go to Vietnam
There is no ‘time’ to go to Vietnam. Given the fact that it is a tropical country, the climate really means the equivalent of a humid and very hot summer. The weather however is quite different from the North to the South of the country.
In Northern Vietnam, between the months of November and April you can expect winter, while May to October is definitely hot. The south of Vietnam is hot right throughout the year. The rainy season takes place between May and November, with the most amount of rain generally experienced from between June and August.

Apart from all this, travel experts say that the best time to visit Vietnam is between the months of September and December as it is the best time to travel right around the country.

How to Travel around Vietnam
This all depends on how much of the country you intend to visit. There many travelling options. You can choose to fly from destination to destination. Domestic flights are available only to major cities and are quiet cheap.
Trains are even cheaper, especially if you would prefer not to fly. The country boasts a fairly wide railway network.
The buses in Vietnam are supposed to be fabulous and awfully cheap. They also make it so much easier to travel around. Taxis are also another method of travel, but can prove to be a bit expensive.

Personalized matchbooks for weddings

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42_2923Almost every woman dreams of having a beautiful wedding right from the day she understands the meaning (her meaning!) of love. Obviously, almost every woman is different, and her idea of taste and style is completely different from another.

So, when it comes to the wedding arrangements, every woman will do everything in her power to make it as perfect as possible down to the last item even if it is an item such as personalized favors, and why not, it is a special day in her life… isn’t it?

Several companies have already made a name for themselves in the wedding favor business, and their websites online also offer all the items that are essential to a wedding celebration, items such as cloth napkins among so many other items and even wedding disposable cameras that will ensure that this time is aesthetically perfect and is captured adequately in the years to come.

Personalized matchbooks, which are a common tradition in weddings and rehearsal dinners, are also offered and can be created exactly as you would like to cater to the particular occasion you have in mind.

As always, with the focus on extraordinary customer service, you can take your time and pick a winner once you look at the options available over the internet, if you want the best for your wedding.

So, all you have to do is indulge in a little fantasy and contact a trained specialist who work for these organizations in your search for the perfect wedding arrangements.

Discounted cruise vacations

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Article written by Gear Up 4 Nature

1193456_cruise_shipWhether you are looking for discounted cruise vacations, discount air travel or a cheap family vacation package and for a service that takes care of your travel needs right from the start of your vacation until the end, there are travel sites on the internet that offers its services keeping in mind the needs of their customers in finding them the most efficient and convenient deals that cover most if not all aspects of their travel requirements.

With its services covering a range of airlines, cruises, car rental and hotels, it allows customers who are in the mood for an impromptu holiday to be able to do so or even for those who meticulously like to plan their holidays well in advance.

Some travelers can be budget conscious while there are other customers who are spendthrifts (and why not!), and so with this in mind, there are different offers that are available. For the former, one way to save money is by booking air and hotel together while for the latter, there are cruise vacation packages that will give you your money’s worth many times over along with airline tickets specials that are available for those who are looking to save as well.

All you have to do is find a couple of site, enter the details of your journey in the booking services tool provided on each page, book your vacation and board the cruise of a lifetime.

Interested in a Hawaii trip?

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Who doesn’t love a Hawaii vacation?

Not a single person that is of course unless you live under a rock. For many, it is that dream vacation filled with beaches, great weather and a mix of cultures that will leave you with memories in the years to come.

With its ever rising popularity, several travel agents are now in the business of catering to vacationers that are interested in a Hawaii trip for almost several years now. Since they have been in the business for so long, it is no surprise that they know where to shop, eat and play on the islands of Hawaii while also letting the traveler experience the natural beauty and adventure that is indeed associated with the Aloha State.

Regardless of whether you are looking for oceanfront villas, golf vacation packages, a trip for your family or a romantic honeymoon, you can find the best Hawaii vacation deals as they are linked to the top airlines and resorts, and this also means that not only can you find a holiday that is just right for you but also at a good price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

With search tools, one can avail of the options listed for airlines and car rentals as well as the list of hotels that you would like to stay at, and can book based on their availability.  So don’t waste any time in finding the best bargains for the trip of your life to Hawaii.

Paradise Found – Maldives

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The Maldives is a collection of islets located on top of 26 atolls. The country is fully geared towards tourism and therefore, many of the 1,200 islets have idyllic resorts that welcome you into ‘paradise’.

If you travel to one of the resorts or private islands you will realize the pleasure of isolation. Unlike other destinations the fact that these are islands means that you won’t be bothered by beggars, touts and other incessant worriers of tourists. Instead, you can lounge about the beaches with parasols over you and sip away at a never ending supply of cocktails.

If you feel the Sun is a tad too hot, you can always slip into the warm sea and explore the sea life underwater. Whether you are a scuba diver or a snorkeler, the seas hold enough marine life and reefs to keep you coming back for more. By hiring a boat, you can head out to deeper water where you can trawl for fish. While you are out there, it is very likely that you will encounter schools of dolphins and even see the occasional shark. The islands also encounter spectacular low tides; thus miles of sea bed are completely exposed or left in a few inches of water. This allows nature lovers to walk about and inspect corals and pools of water containing marine life. Do not forget to protect yourself with sun block whenever you are out in the open.

You can find resorts to fit most types of purses, but be warned that this is not a backpacker’s destination. You should also book ahead before going there as some resorts get fully booked up to a year in advance.