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Portugal holidays – A dream come true

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When one thinks of a visit to Europe, Portugal holidays are almost immediately at the back of everyone’s mind. To put it lightly, Portugal is a beautiful country, with its historic villages, beaches and cliffs, and nothing can be better than renting a car, and heading out into the sunset.

And for this, looking for the services of a cheap car hire Portugal is not necessarily a tough ask but if you would like to circumvent the delays and breakdowns that are associated with road travel, then being a bit picky is very important.

Let’s say that you are visiting the area known as Algarve in the country of Portugal, and as soon as you get off your flight at Faro, one can immediately look to obtain the services of an Algarve car hire service for a fun trip through the countryside, and which will add to the glamour that Portugal commands at its will.

Not only is finding exactly what you want possible regardless of whether it is a family station wagon, a minibus or even the proverbial comfy Mercedes vehicles that are crowning glory of the automobile industry, it is also possible to obtain them at cheap rates as well.

If you’re one who likes to travel comfortably, then it is advisable that one should check whether or not the vehicle in question is in the best condition or not.

Things to Do and See in New Orleans

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New Orleans is the biggest city in Louisiana, and is also one of the most visited cities of the state. New Orleans is well known to tourists for having great food and music, muggy and hot weather, and for its unique history and culture. After the devastation left by the Hurricane Katrina last 2005, New Orleans still remains one of the top tourist hot-spots of all time.

Some of the sights that you cannot miss when visiting New Orleans include their historic architecture, which showcases the Victorian mansions as well as their city-wide structures, and a hint of French and Spanish architectures as well. You can also visit the historic cemeteries of the city, which are located mostly uptown. You can also go to the Superdome located in New Orleans’ CBD. There is also the Audubon Zoo located uptown, where you and your family can enjoy looking at wild animals. In the butterfly park of the zoo, you get to see the majestic Mississippi River. This river can also be seen when you are on the French Quarter.

To lift up your spirits, you can also go to the city’s prided church, the St. Louis Cathedral.Aside from visiting historical places in New Orleans, you can also do some memorable activities in the city like having street car rides, going to riverboat cruises, river ferries (for budget conscious tourists), walking and bicycling tours, casino gambling (if you are feeling lucky), antique shopping, learning from cooking classes, carriages rides, and finally, celebrate the Mardi Gras.

    Places to See in Tokyo, Japan

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    Every time people hear about Tokyo, Japan, there is one thing that first comes into their minds – a very modern city with a very high cost of living. But contrary to the thinking of many, Tokyo is one of the most affordable cities you will ever find in the world. There are a lot of bars, restaurants and cafes which serve food as cheap as buying drinks. Aside from that, most of its attractions are free, and you can stroll freely to see the beauty of the city. At first glance, you can see the main city filled with thousands of people walking on the streets, a traffic jam in almost every road, and the hundreds of skyscrapers with colorful lights at night.

    But if you walk further to the suburbs of the city, you will find Tokyo’s hidden treasure – the wooden houses, the temples and shrines which are all but sights which preserve the beauty of Tokyo. The first thing that should be on your list when visiting Tokyo is the Tokyo Tower in Shiba-Koen. This magnificent building, erected in 1958 is higher that the Eiffel Tower. On the top of the building which boasts of its 164 floodlights which are incandescent white during summer and orange during winter, are stations where you can take a glimpse of the whole of Tokyo, as well as the Mount Fuji. Aside from that, you can also enjoy different places inside the tower once you visit the Trick Art Gallery, the Mysterious Walking Zone and the Tokyo Tower Wax Museum.

      Cruising in Alaska

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      Alaska’s reputation as a tourist destination has grown tremendously over the past few years. This is mainly thanks to the increase in cruise lines offering packages to tourists. Another reason is that the cruise line offer differing types of vessels to their passengers. So, depending on how much you want to spend, you can choose from low key ships to mega cruisers.

      The main thing you have to keep in mind about an Alaskan cruise is that it is seasonal. The season begins in May and ends in September. This is the period when the waterways are not frozen, thereby enabling ships to freely navigate the area. The season peaks in June, July and August as the temperature reaches up to 80 degrees in the daytime making the weather quite pleasant. Nighttime temperatures will drop but not to the freezing levels of winter.

      There are two main routes that are taken by the cruise lines – The Inside Passage and the Gulf of Alaska. Although both cruises take very different routes, they do intersect at some stops. Keep in mind that the Gulf cruise is a one way journey ending in Vancouver or Anchorage, depending on where you boarded the ship.

      If you plan to take one of these cruises, do not pack very think clothing. Since temperatures do not hit subzero levels during the season, you would only be lugging around heavy luggage. Multiple amounts of thin layer clothing is the way to go, as you can add or subtract layers as you wish.