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Airfares on the rise

October 22, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Those travelers who are planning to fly somewhere over the upcoming holiday season can expect to pay more for their airfare than during this same time frame last year. Experts are also predicting a higher volume of travelers over the Thanksgiving holiday than has been seen in recent years. 

A recent study by Priceline indicates that the national average Thanksgiving airfare is $383, making this year one of the most expensive years during the last 8 years. On average, travelers this year can expect an increase of 17% to 19% over last years fares. 

One key factor in the increase of rates may be due to reductions in seating capacity, which is down 10% from 2008. With airlines having fewer seats to fill, they are increasing ticket prices to make up the difference. As the demand continues to increase for seats during this busy time, fares will continue to go up. 

The U.S Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that the nation’s top airlines are reporting more than 85% of all seats as filled, which is the highest percentage in the last ten years. With approximately over 40 million Americans expected to fly during this holiday season, airlines will continue to book flights to full capacity. This will result in fewer deals available for last minute travelers, and fewer options for everyone. Travelers who have not already booked flights may find their options limited when it comes to arrival and departure times, and their ticket prices significantly higher than what they expected.

Check out some portugal holidays

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Portugal is a country with a great history and has managed to stay out of conflicts both internal and external for a while now. This alone makes it a great place to visit, but there are plenty of other reasons too. People are opting more and more for portugal holidays, because it is simply a great place to visit and enjoy.

Portugal has been a great seafaring nation, a certain Christopher Columbus is perhaps the most famous of their citizens, and features a rich culture.There are many different cultural influences in all facets of Portuguese life and this can be seen at every turn. The architecture itself is a great representative of Portugal’s great trading days and many different influences are quite evidently present. The food, music and arts, too, represent this same diversity.

The landscape is beautiful and you can be quite forgiven for wanting to get lost in it. In portugal Algarve is perhaps the best place to go to as it features excellent, warm and sunny weather right throughout the year. Golden beaches, stunning cliffs, majestic mountains, sheltered valleys and miles of vineyards will great your eyes when you set foot in this area. To make the best out of this experience, rent a car so that you can drive around and see everything. Renting cars in Portugal is not an expensive affair so give this a go and to make things easier, go online and make your booking before you leave.

Getaway to the Pocono Mountains

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The Pocono Mountains are one of the most desired places to visit in the United States. This is because it has something for everyone no matter what time of the year it is.The key to enjoying your vacation to the fullest is to plan ahead and perhaps involve a travel agent in your plans.

Poconos Pennsylvania is a beautiful place with mountains and lakes and everything in between. This allows it to offer diverse activities such as wine tasting and skiing at different times of the year. It also offers great water sports, hiking trails, festivals, fairs and other activities. In the night time, you can hit the casinos or go watch a live play. The Poconos has plenty of Broadway like musicals and other theatrical performances to choose from. There are also lots of sports bars and outdoor bars as well as dance clubs to keep you going till the break of dawn.

However, if you are visiting with your family a Poconos Family Resort may be more of your type of thing. The family resorts focus on getting family entertainment to their guests. This means involving all members of the family and this usually keeps the kids happy.The Poconos is also a great destination for honeymooners and prides itself on being the honeymoon capital of the world. Talk to your travel agent and you will be able to get an all-inclusive romantic weekend sorted out. Remember to book early to get the best deals that are available.