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My Favorite Travel Show is Bizarre Foods

March 29, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Authored by Greg Fletcher of Budget Travel Solution

Travel shows may be the best genre of episodic entertainment on modern television.  These shows have come a long way since the early days of broadcasting.  It is almost more enjoyable to watch these shows than to actually travel to an exotic locale.  Viewers get all the upside of learning about different cultures and none of the downsides that come from things like lost baggage and the like.

My favorite travel show that is currently on television is Bizarre Foods, which I watch on DirectTV packages.  This show is fantastic because of its wonderful and engaging host.  His name is Andrew Zimmern, and he is a culinary explorer.  Before hosting Bizarre Foods, Zimmern was a food writer and accomplished chef.  This is a man who has an oddly steadfast taste that craves everything that is peculiar and exotic.  The show follows him through various countries, where he showcases the most authentic and unusual dishes anyone has ever seen.  He will eat anything, and it is very fun to watch.  He has tried insects, cow’s blood, fermented vegetables, and all sorts of other unusual things.  However, he does not just have courage.  He is also very intelligent and versatile.

Bizarre Foods is the best travel show on television. There is nothing else like it. Anyone who has any interest in exotic foods or traveling and learning about different cultures should give this show a chance.

Need a Car Rental Portugal?

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Going on a vacation can be fun not unless you aren’t able to make the arrangements that are required, and one of these by any stretch of imagination is a car rental Portugal. And depending on the number of people who wish to come with you, it shouldn’t be difficult to have these arrangements made.

Since a vacation is meant to embody a time where you enjoy the pleasures of life, perhaps an appropriate car hire Algarve organization can help you with that. In addition to this, you should be able to also chart out an itinerary for yourself (as there are so many places in Portugal) that you can visit along the way.

In being able to do this, you will not only avoid all sorts of logistical problems but you should be able to find a car rental Faro budget that will suit you most. In doing this, you can not only save some money that can spent on other aspects of the journey but you can also pat yourself on the back as the holiday budget wasn’t stretched.

And one place where you can find these car hire sites is over the internet where you will not only gain a good understanding as to the kind of cars that are available but you will also know where to drop it off in planning your itinerary beforehand.

Upcoming Holiday Destinations in 2011

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Since most of the popular holiday destinations have become more crowded due to commercialization and word of mouth, visiting one of these spots on a holiday has become more of an exercise in frustration instead of a time for relaxation.

There are other less popular places though where you can still get to relax like in the good old days, and here is a list of these holiday spots:

#1: Thailand

Almost every place in Thailand has something to offer, thanks to its beautiful beaches, stable political climate, and the wide range of entertainment you can find almost easily. And with new flights and hotels being developed across the country, there is not a place in Thailand that will disappoint a tourist.

#2: Tangiers, Morocco

Having some of the most popular beaches in the world at this location, a tourist will find that there are more things to do in this historical place such as beach football, windsurfing, and camel riding.  It is fast becoming a location that is a leading yachting marina. Not only can a tourist expect to have fun but also benefit from the rich history that adds to the appeal of Tangiers.

#3: Bali

Even if the island of Bali is one of the smallest tourist destinations in the world, there is no doubt that any tourist worth his salt will tell you that you can find almost anything you want from the partying experience all the way to quaint beach towns, volcanoes and the proverbial trekking experience.