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How to avoid travel sickness in winter

November 25, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Travel sickness is caused by a disturbance in the inner ear as a result of repeated motion. The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sweating and dizziness. If you are traveling in the dark either at night or during heavy fog or rain where your vision is obscured you will be susceptible to motion sickness. These are some precautions you can take to avoid suffering from it.

If you are not driving and it is dark outside keep your eyes closed to prevent conflict between the eyes and the inner ear.

Do not sit backwards from your direction of travel.

Avoid eating heavy meals and avoid spicy, fatty foods before and during travel. Do not start a trip on an empty stomach, have a light starchy meal to settle the stomach and snack regularly while traveling.

Avoid alcohol the night before you are to travel.

Minimize movement while traveling, this means driving slowly, sitting in the middle of the plane over the wing. When in a car sit in the front seat and look straight ahead and get plenty of fresh air.
Avoid reading while traveling as there is a conflict between what the body feels and what you read.

The Perfect Getaway at a Bahamas Vacation Rental

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The Bahamas—the perfect getaway complete with miles upon miles of white sand beaches, pristine turquoise water, and clear skies. A Bahamas vacation rental is the ultimate tropical island fantasy. This getaway can be a romantic trip for two or it can be a trip for the whole family. Each island has a different attraction, so make your way around as many as you can to experience the rich culture. First, make a trip to Paradise Island, which has incredible golfing. Sports aren’t the only thing offered here; the Blue Lagoon Island is known as a spot for dolphin encounters, which can be great for couples or families—either way it’s a photo op and a great memory! Then tour Andros Island, which has the world’s third largest barrier reef! There’s great scuba potential and plenty to look at under the water. Even try Freeport—make sure you try out the Freeport Bahama hotels. There’ll be sure to have great deals. No matter where you go, you’ll find warm sun, incredible beaches, and the unfailing hospitality of the Bahamians. Stay afloat on the crystal-clear water when you spend your days fishing or sailing or visit the Reef Golf Course during the day and soak up the sun while you play. If gaming brings you to the Bahamas, roll the dice at the Isle of Capri Casino. A Bahamas vacationis your portal to the kind of tropical island fantasy you’ve always imagined.

Reasons To Charter Your Own Plane

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Let’s face it, flying today can be extremely difficult. With tough security standards and issues, you can spend hours just trying to get on your flight. From packing correctly, checking in, and standing in long security lines, you are exhausted before you even leave for your destination. Just as your vacation or business trip begins you already need a day to recover. That is why more and more people today are considering flying by private plane than ever before. Getting to your destination shouldn’t be such a hassle. With a private jet you can get where you want to go easily and comfortably.

Many people never consider flying on a private plane because of costs. You will be surprised to learn that it is more affordable than you think. A private plane isn’t just for rock stars and politicians, anyone can get their own flight. Costs can vary. There are different fees and charges, and hourly rates are typical. There can be extra charges for overnights, fuel surcharges, additional taxes, and charges for international flights. Most flight companies will have a daily minimum, but you will have the opportunity to leave when and from wherever you would like.

The reasons for a family to fly private jet charters are endless. Flying private over commercial is favorable because of flight and arrival times as well as having complete privacy. You never have to spend an entire day just getting through the airport. You will have the ability to start your vacation as soon as you walk out your front door. These private jet charters tend to be much more pleasant all the way around. You and your family will enjoy the flexibility of being able to create your own flight times. This gives you more time to enjoy yourself.

Business professionals love an executive jet charter. An executive jet charter allows busy professionals to get to and from important meetings on time and in style. Sometimes you just can’t waste a minute sitting in an airport. With a private plane you can get where you need to go quickly and efficiently. You also have the opportunity to work privately on the plane and hold meetings with fellow associates. You won’t have to waste a minute of your workday standing in long security lines. This makes hiring a private plane well worth your time and money.

When it comes time to book that next vacation or business meeting flight, check out what a private plane can offer you. You will never have to deal with delays, layovers, or canceled flights. You can enjoy a wonderful time with your family in privacy, or hold meetings with your fellow associates in peace and quiet. More and more people are beginning to see how valuable flying on a private plane can be. You can get where you need to go on time and safely with no hassles. It will be worth every penny, giving you a way to travel in comfort and style.

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