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A travel kit for your trip

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Recently I travelled to Southeast Asia on a holiday. Trip took more than 16 hours and by the time I got there, I was suffering from hemorrhoid. It took some effort on our part to find a pharmacy to buy some relief. I was thinking, if I packed some basic medications in addition to my prescriptions, I would have save some time. Here are my suggestions based on my recent experience.

Talk to your physician about your travel. If you are travelling to a destination known for mosquitos, your physician may give you malaria shot before you leave. Also check with your physician to see whether some over the counter medications counteract with your other prescribed medications. You need to pack some antidiarrheal medicine, a decongestant, something for motion sickness and melatonin to help you recover faster from your jet lag, and some pain killers.

Make sure you carry a small first aid kit. Pre-packaged kits are available at any drug store. Your kit should include bandages, disposable gloves, and gauze. Also to carry with this kit are your nail clippers, tweezers and a small travelling flashlight. You can’t carry some of these items in your hand luggage.

Bahamas Vacations: Filled with Fun and Entertainment

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Bahamas is a beautiful and picturesque holiday destination that offers a number of water activities. It is an ideal spot to rejuvenate and unwind oneself. The Bahamas consists of 700 exotic islands which offer a lot to tourists – the choice for adventure is endless. It offers something for everyone. You can visit the place throughout the year, but the best time is spring season. Tourists come in a large number during this time of the year because of the pleasant weather. If you are visiting in spring it is advisable to book in advance for Bahamas vacation rentals to avoid any inconvenience.

Each island of Bahamas offers something unique to tourists, so plan in advance The first thing in planning your Bahamas vacations is to determine what you would like to do and see. There are wide varieties of activities to do ranging from swimming with dolphins and zip-lining to relaxing on a beach or at a water park. Select the island that offers those activities which you like the most. Then decide which accommodations will best suit you during your Bahamas vacations.

Freeport on Grand Bahamas Island attracts tourists with its beautiful sandy beach that stretches along the sides of the island. Shops, casinos, restaurants, bars and a wide variety of sea sports are also some of the major attractions of tourists. Book in advance in hotels Freeport Bahamas as this place is mostly filled with tourists all the year round.

To enjoy this destination at its best it is advisable to go for a Bahamas vacation packages that offer sightseeing and a variety of activities. It provides the best of the transportation and accommodation. Bahamas vacation packages mostly include airlines ticket, hotel accommodation and sometimes even fun-filled activities fees. You can do the bookings either online or through travel agents.

Spectacular India!!!

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Article Submitted by Linda Chapin.

India has got innumerable interesting places to visit. Some of the world-renowned tourist destinations in India include: Taj Mahal, Pink City of Jaipur, fascinating beaches of Goa, Himalayas, Kashmir, kullu Manali etc. Except these places there are many other places that are still unknown to the people. These undiscovered and untouched destinations have the capability to become a famous travel destination.

Below is a list of such top 5 places to see in india that is a must-see for all those passionate trippers looking for a unique experience.

Said to be the wettest place on planet, Cherapunji appears to be a spot quite unknown in India. However, it does not rain during the winter months and becomes totally dry. The sites to see here are the Mawsmai falls, Khasi monoliths, and Limestone caves.

Daman and Diu
The town is divided by the Daman-Ganga River in half. The northern part of the city is called Nani Daman while the southern part is called Moti Daman. There are 39 hotels and resorts listed for Daman and Diu. Sites to see in Daman Diu are the Light House, Moti Daman Fort, Nani Daman Fort etc.

Tarkarli Beach
Located in Sindhudurg in Southern Maharashtra, Tarkarli beach has crystal-clear waters that allow one to scuba dive and snorkel. The places to visit here include: Devbag Beach, the Backwaters, and the Sindhudurg Fort. The Malwani cuisine is quite popular here and one can enjoy fresh prawns or fish served with a thick coconut curry.

The tiny but sensational town of Auroville is situated at a gap of 6 kilometer north of Pondicherry. This place is interesting because of the various concept of living tailored by the people of this town. The town provides a great deal for travelers to do, see and experience. The places to visit here are Matrimandir, Visitor’s Center, and Auroville Beach.

Wayanad is counted among the northern territories of Kerala. It is a hilly region with vast drape of plantations and estates (especially coffee estates). With its rolling hills coated with tropical rain forest, Wayanad is the most beautiful in the whole state.

With so many things to see, undoubtedly India is a place worth visiting.

Tahiti Travel: What You’ve Been Dreaming Of

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Isn’t it about time you took another vacation? It is the truth that none of us hear that nearly often enough. But really, you have got to be feeling like it is about that time. Time to get away, to enjoy the sun and sand, and to meet new people. Maybe it is time to consider those Tahiti travel plans you have been tossing about in your head ever since your coworker came back and went on and on about how wonderful his last vacation was. Go ahead. Do yourself a favor and look into that Bora Bora vacation package you have heard so much about.

The office will be there when you get back.

Tahiti excursions only happen once in a life time. Ok, maybe not only once, but that’s up to you. You can’t get to Tahiti on fantasizing alone. You have to take action! If not now, start planning for later! Make it a romantic getaway. Be spontaneous and surprise that lucky girl with a romantic getaway for the two of you!

You’re married you say?

What kind of an excuse is that? Look into some Tahiti honeymoons. Whether you are just married, or happily wed for the better part of fifteen years, a Tahiti voyage is guaranteed to be a rocking time. So what is holding you back? Are you that attached to what you are doing that you can’t take even just a scant amount of time to see just how easy it is to be in Tahiti by next week?