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Know more about Rome Tours

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A lot of people decide that they want to go on Rome tours but they don’t have a lot of money to spend. Therefore they are looking for things that they can do for free in Italy.  Here are two suggestions for completely free things to do when Italy sightseeing.

Go to a historic center – This usually is going to hold the top attractions and sights of the city. When you go to a town or city, look for the signs that point you to the city’s centro storico.  That’s where you’ll find the historic churches, fountains, squares, and buildings. It often will have non-resident traffic and a great pedestrian zone, though normally parking is limited.

Go to a church or cathedral – Even for those who aren’t religious, they are going to love going to the cathedrals and churches in Italy.  There are works of many famous artists in the churches. The architecture, outside and inside, is often interesting and some of the churches have archeological areas beneath them that you are able to visit even though there could be a very small fee.  Some of the churches will charge you to go into them but most of them are free.  The Duomo, which is the cathedral, is the biggest church in the city. It’s a great place for you to start.

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Samsonite, a supplier of luggage to travelers

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If you have traveled lately, especially outside the country, you may have carried a carry-on as well one or two checked baggage. You may have carried travel luggage made by Samsonite. The Hong Kong listed Samsonite is the world’s largest luggage manufacturing company. Even though it is domiciled in Hong Kong for last fifteen months, the company founded in December 1910 in Denver, Colorado and has gone through many owners since that time. Five major companies including Samsonite and Tumi are responsible for making one fifth of the world’s luggage industry. Samsonite is concentrating on making affordable luxury travel luggage.

In addition to its flagship Samsonite brand, they recently acquired the sports and casual bag maker High Sierra for $110 million and the company is in contract to buy Hartmann for $35 million. These acquisitions will allow the company to expand into business travel as well as capture the outdoor sports enthusiasts market. Samsonite is one of the major wholesale suppliers to department stores. Today its income comes from Asia (37 percent), Europe (31 percent), North America (25 percent) and South America (7 percent). Emerged from a restructuring in 2009, Samsonite generated $847 million in revenue in the first half of 2012.