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New Museum Pass System for Saving Money in Rome –

October 22, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Many people still do not know the best way to see a Rome museum. The Rome City Pass lets the bearer into the first two museums or archeological sites free and all others after that at discounts. It also lets them ride free on metro services. This is an amazing transformation of the tourist destinations that will revitalize the tourism industry in every city it is instituted in.

Now, Rome is accessible at an affordable price. There is no more worrying that you may not have enough money to hit enough of the important sites to make your vacation memorable. Your family can relax about picking and choosing what they want to visit that is within their budget. The whole vacation will be more memorable and enjoyable, after all.

Visit the Vatican Museum, St. Peters, the Sistine Chapel, the Catacombs, and more at discounted rates. Everyone dreams of such a vacation and now anyone can reach this goal. Rome is one of the most romantic vacation destinations, but also a very expensive one, until now.


The two most sought after cities for vacations now offer a less expensive way to visit the sites everyone wants to see before they die. Rome and Paris are open doors to the world more than ever before. They are not the only cities, but they are the biggest dream destinations offering the museum pass.


Aside from Rome excursions, Paris excursions are another way to get access to museums, taking advantage of the Paris Museum Pass. See what other passes there are at Museum Pass.

Bed and breakfast (BNB) in New York City

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If you travelled to New York City (NYC) lately, you know how costly it is to spend a night in a comfortable hotel room.  The New York City gets 15 percent of your hotel lodging bill as a Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT).  A new wave of an alternative lodging is providing more affordable alternative to travelers to NYC.  According to a 2011 state law, residents of apartments can rent out rooms to travelers but not the entire apartment.  You can rent a room in an apartment in Queens for $20 a night or an entire loft in SoHo for $285.  However, the NYC estimates that it loose approximately three percent revenue due to the state law and fighting with citations for violations of its own rules.  The state is proposing that those renting rooms register with local governments at a cost of $200 and collect and send TOT to the local jurisdiction.

Most apartment rooms in NYC are rented on the Web.  Those who are active on the Web such as are fighting back the NYC on behalf of those apartment dwellers who are relying on the extra income to make ends meet.  The has about 15,000 listings in NYC.