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Find a Unique Experience In Your Cingue Terre Vacation.

May 17, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

If you imagine having a relaxing and wonderful vacation on the Italian Riviera, then you are most likely looking for Cinque Terre vacations, a beautiful location comprised of five villages. Traveling here also brings you out of what you’re use too, and let’s you sit back and enjoy without worrying about much direction, seeing as it’s advisable to go by train and not to drive yourself (most locations are not accessible by car alone.) This is only one of the many amazing spots for your Italy Tours.

Cinque Terre is a gorgeous location, and it’s far from typical tourism and big crowds, giving you options such as train, ferry, and a wonderful and calm walking trail for you to experience the whole area. The place is homely and has fresh and well prepared seafood as the local cuisine, bowled into the mountainside it feels like a fantasy get away to help your free your mind. Though if you want a more romantic feel then Sardinia may be the island that holds the magic and romantic environment you are looking for, this island is completely unique from anywhere else. From beautiful little fishing villages to historical sights like you’ve never seen before.

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