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Club Getaway: A Summer Camp for Adults

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We all miss the exciting days of summer camp. Those days were chock-full of sunshine, camaraderie, fleeting romances and plenty of fun and adventure. Luckily, there is a place where you can find all of that minus the awkwardness of those pre-pubescent years. Club Getaway is a place where the great outdoors meets happy hour.

Club Getaway is a gorgeous escape from the noisy city. Its 300 acres are nestled in the breathtaking Berkshire Mountains of Kent, Connecticut. This haven is a mere 90 minute drive from New York.

Club Getaway offers something for everyone. Whether you’re idea of fun is filling your days with adventure in activities such as zip lining, waterskiing, rock climbing or you prefer more relaxing activities such as yoga, cooking class, and drinking a glass of wine, this modern-day camp has plenty of activities to satisfy your interests.

Club Getaway offers a variety of team and water sports to participate in, mini-concerts and karaoke, campfires, hiking, happy hour, wine-tasting class, games of flip cup and beer pong, and dance parties. There are many opportunities to socialize and make new friends or perhaps even meet your future romantic partner. If relaxing is your main agenda, the Club surely will not disappoint. Set amidst soothing nature, you can relax on the lakeside while working on your tan or take a calming yoga class.

The Club offers various package deals such as weekends specifically for young professionals, Jewish professionals, and boomers. These weekends are a fantastic way to meet people that share your common interests while having a blast.

For more information and a full list of activities at Club Getaway, check out their website at

Is air travel safe?

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The Asiana Airline Flight 214 from Soul, Korea to San Francisco, California crashed while landing killing two and injuring scores of others on July 6, 2013. The tail section separated from the Boing 777 wide-body plain scattering debris in the bay as well as the tarmac. One of the engines broke away from the fuselage and torn into pieces scattering on the tarmac. Fire engulfed the plane and destroyed some of it. The chilling details of the botched landing forced travelers worldwide to rethink about their travel planes. Is air travel safe as you may think?

Safety modifications introduced since 1980s are helping to save lives while crash landing air planes. Areas that have seen most safety improvements include seat cushions, seats, compartments, materials, fire extinguishers, and exits. One of the two died in the incident appears to be run over and killed by an emergency vehicle attending the incident. Major portion of the fuselage stayed intact. These suggest that safety measures are doing what they are intended to do, saving lives. On the other hand fatal plane crashes are far and fewer. According to published statistics death rate is one in every 6.1 million travelling passengers within the last five years.

Enjoy Your Vacation In Italy Without Breaking Your Budget

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While Italy vacations can really break your budget, there are also several ways for you to enjoy your trip without spending too much. By carefully planning out your Italy tours, you will be able to get the best out of your time and budget while also enjoying the beautiful scenery of Italy. Here are a few tips on how to tour Italy even while on a budget.

Many people who have not been in Italy choose the easy path to save extra money, and that is by hiring a travel agent. Through travel agents, you can be sure that you will not need to spend on a lot of cab and train fares or even be lost as they will create your itinerary for every day that you are in Italy. Another option that you may want to consider is to visit the top cities beforehand, the most popular ones are Rome, Florence and Venice. Visiting on an off-peak season may also help you save extra bucks, fall and spring season is an ideal time to visit Italy as there are less tourists around.

Article submitted by Italy Tours has long been providing Italy sightseeing tours that you can afford. They offer destination packages for Cinque Terre, Sicily, Sardinia and a lot more. When visiting Italy, trust only a reputable travel company to assist you to ensure that you will have a memorable and fun vacation in Italy.