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Visit Dog Island Beach in Florida

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If you’re headed to Florida this summer, it’s worth making a trip to one of the state’s most beautiful and surprisingly less crowded beaches — Dog Island. While it’s not Daytona Beach or South Florida, Dog Island is seven miles of nearly untouched land owned by the Nature Conservancy. It’s located in the panhandle region of northwest Florida, and it beats the crowds at Fort Walton Beach and Destin.

Be prepared to experience solitude. Dog Island is a lonely place, featuring a single hotel and accessible via water taxi or ferry. What’s more, this quant island doesn’t have any cars – in fact, there are no cars allowed because the people who live there call it consider the place a sanctuary.

Dog Island is about five miles from the mainland. Getting to the island is easy. Simply catch the ferry from Carrabelle in Franklin County, Florida, just 55 miles from Tallahassee. Vacationers can also get to the island by kayak or renting a private boat.

In addition to enjoying the white sand beaches, there are plenty of things to do at Dog Island. Once there, you can enjoy bird watching, go surf fishing, or search for loggerhead and leatherback turtles. While there is no camping allowed, visitors who wish to spend more than a day in this unspoiled haven can spend two more nights (two is the minimum) at the island’s only hotel, The Pelican Inn. The hotel offers eight rooms, and each room accommodates up to four people. A two night stay is currently $300.

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Skiing at its Best

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Vacationers wishing to enjoy the best in skiing should visit a ski resort in Colorado or New Mexico. These resorts are specialized in offering their visitors the best in ski experience and adventure. The activities provided by this terrain are simply amazing. More so, the resorts also have different packages that have been designed specifically to cater for the needs of the vacationers. One such package is the Breckenridge Colorado ski package. This discounted package is offered to groups that come to Breckenridge Colorado for their ski vacation.

The other place that ski enthusiasts can visit is New Mexico. Vacationers that take the New Mexico ski trips are guaranteed of fun filled adventure. The terrain of the resorts in New Mexico is ideal for all levels of skiers. The abundance of light snow allows beginners to learn on how to ski while the rugged terrains found at some spots allows expert skiers a unique opportunity to challenge themselves and hone their skiing expertise. The skiing terrain in New Mexico is categorised into three; beginners, intermediate and expert terrains. The best of skiing expeditions and hiking is done at the resorts located on the southern side of the Rocky Mountains. Hikers can also ascend the mountain to its peak.

Packing for travel

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Packing for travelling requires serious considerations. One must carry is a garment to carry valuables such as cash, passport, credit cards, travel documents and other important papers. Many carry a concealed belt with a zipped pocket that can be worn around your waist inside your cloths. It is pick pocket proof and can be accessed easily by the person wearing it and hold all your important travel goodies. Beyond that what to pack for a trip depends on destination, purpose of travel and other factors. Since airlines are increasingly finding ways to get more money from you, it is always advised to pack light. Here are some thoughts.

  • Pack neutral cloths that can be worn anytime, anywhere.
  • Consider performance. Pack wrinkle free, stain resistant, moisture wicking and light weight cloths.
  • Cloths should be comfortable to wear and shoes should come off easily. Zipped pockets provide safety for your valuables.

There are many cloths that provide UV protection to concealed zip pockets and moisture wicking. One other piece for ladies may be a scarf made of stretchable material that comes with secret pockets. Cargo pants made for travelling guys comes with zipped pockets and moisture wicking, and can be worn for evening as well for a short walk.