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Exploring Mackenzie Country

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Posted by Samuel Phineas Upham

The article “Chasing Mackenzie’s Ghost,” by Patrick Symmes is about one writer’s journey to Mackenzie Country, an area located on the South Island of New Zealand. The region is named after James Mackenzie, a man who was famous for stealing sheep and living off the land. Symmes began his journey by stealing a car and picking up hitchhikers along the way. Then he decides to go bush like Mackenzie.

While most maps refer to the area as the Mackenzie Basin or the Mackenzie District, the author suggests that Mackenzie Country is a lot bigger than the area reflected on the map. According to the article, it “encompasses 23 of New Zealand’s 25 highest peaks.”

The author describes when he first heard about Mackenzie the outlaw and why he was intrigued by the fact that he would go into the woods for months at a time. Symmes then describes his various adventures in the beautiful land.

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The Best Honeymoon in Italy

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Italy is a renowned tourist destination with millions of tourists visiting it annually. People take Italy tours for various reasons. Some come in for religious pilgrimage, some come to see the many monuments and artefacts some of which are housed in the many museums of Italy, while others visit Italy for honeymoon and family vacations. Regardless of the reason for visiting Italy, all visitors stand equal chances of enjoying a blend of history and sophistication. Italy has a myriad of tourist attractions that will meet and surpass the expectations of its many tourists. Visitors can organize their itinerary in such a way that they can sample the various attractions found in the adjacent cities of Italy.

Newlyweds are not left behind. They too can get a chance of enjoying their honeymoon in Italy. Rome honeymoon is considered a memorable experience for the newlyweds. Rome has romantic hotels that offer an ambiance and atmosphere ideal for the newlyweds. The central location of the romantic hotels also makes them both unique and ideal. Honeymooners can also spend their time visiting the many tourist attractions in Rome. The couple can slap sample some of the best cuisine and wines that Rome has to offer. Additionally, the honeymooners can also get a chance to enjoy Rome’s nightlife with discotheques and live music.


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The Leprosy Colony in Molokai Hawaii

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Posted by: Phin Upham

In the article “Before There Was Paradise,” John Tayman writes about the forgotten history of the island of Molokai. According to the article, for a little over 100 years the government used the island as a place to send people who had leprosy. It describes the reasons why the Hawaiian and American governments would send more than 8,000 people to a remote place like Molokai. They thought leprosy was extremely contagious, isolation was the only way to control the disease, and that the people they sent there were doomed to die anyway. However, the governments were wrong on all three counts.

The article describes the story of the way people were sent to the island to live in brutal conditions. Over the years many writers, celebrity sightseers, and other people visited the island to witness the small community in person. The article goes into Hawaii’s struggle to dispel the reputation of being an island of horrors. Jack London had a small part to play in that, although it was World War II that eventually turned it into paradise.

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Rediscovering the Cinque Terre

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By Phin Upham

Are you ready to explore the Italian coast? In a recent article in The New York Times, writer Liesl Schillinger revisits an area in Italy that was hit hard with torrential rainfall two years ago. The place is Cinque Terre, a strip of coast on the Italian Riviera in the Liguria region of Italy. If you’ve never been there before this article is a great introduction, revealing how locals recovered after the storm and why it’s such a popular tourist destination.

As a result of the torrential rains two years ago, nearly every business in the village of Vernazza was destroyed and the village of Monterosso was flooded. One woman happened to get the entire storm on film. In the article, Schillinger happens to meet this native Monterossan while visiting Italy. The native tells Schillinger the entire story of the storm and offers to guide the writer on a walk along the Sentiero Azzurro. Schillinger tells of the walk and describes her many other adventures while visiting the Cinque Terre.

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