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Kayaking in the San Juan Islands

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Written By: Crystal Seas

When deciding to go on a vacation, there are so many great places to choose from for your destination.  One idea is to go to the San Juan Islands because they have many things to do that tourists will surely enjoy. Tourists should go to discover all the great things they have to offer.

When going on a vacation in San Juan, it is important that you make use of the precious time there by going on an exciting adventure that will combine relaxation, challenge, feast, view of all the great animals, education and lots of fun. A lot of people or tourists, most especially, flock to Washington who even refer friends and family because it is not only fun but also safe and consistent.

A notable tour company in San Juan offers and caters to adventurers who want to experience something new. They support the local community by hiring them to be their guides because who else will know better about the state and what it has to offer than the locals themselves.

Some tourists love to go to on a kayaking trip; this has been one of the must-do for tourists because it is thrilling and is something they will always remember. Kayaking is a great sport and people can do it even if they don’t really have the experience for it. Another great kayak idea is to kayak with orca whales because tourists will be able to immerse themselves in the presence of these gentle giants.


When looking for your perfect kayak vacation, Crystal Seas offer a wide range of kayak activities to suit your lifestyle.

Why renting a car can be better than joining a tour

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Written by Andys-Rent-A-Car

When you’re traveling to new places, it’s fairly reasonable to expect that you would be joining a tour to go around and be familiar with the place. Given that, you might want to consider renting a car instead of joining a tour. If you’re going to places like the Cayman Islands, googling Rent-a-car grand cayman or Car rental cayman islands would yield some surprising results. You’ll find that renting your own car can actually be a whole lot cheaper. Buy a book or visit travel blogs to know what places to visit, and make your own schedule. You will never have to wake up at the crack of dawn and eat in places you might not like to eat in.

Moreover, you’re not limited to whatever itinerary tour guides have in store for you. Depending on where you get your rental car, you can choose from a wide variety of vehicles that range from compact cars, mid-size sedans, luxury vehicles, and even convertibles. Another thing about tours is that these groups can get so big sometimes that you will no longer be able to take in and experience all of the places that you visit. And of course, there are also some members of the tour group that you can’t get along with. These are but a few things that you need to consider when you’re traveling to another country. When renting a car, you don’t have to worry about all of these things because you’re in control of everything.


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Tipping going to an extreme

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We Americans tend to tip every waiter at the restaurant, bartenders, our hair stylist and the list goes on and on. It is not customary to tip a flight attendant. Some may even get wide eyes at just the suggestion of it. Should you tip a flight attendant during a flight?

There are testimonials of those who tipped flight attendants who provided an excellent service during a long flight. On the other hand there are stories of flight attendants who accepted tips at the insistence of the passenger and threw in few extra drinks or other free goodies.

Here’s where it gets complicated. Typically you tip after an excellent service, let’s say in a restaurant. But when you are flying, many thinks tipping should be done at the begging of the flight with anticipation for good service. That is to some morally unethical amounting to a bribe. That may be why some airlines ban tipping altogether. However, tipping at the end of a flight for going the extra mile to make your flight much more enjoyable should be appropriate. Some surveys indicate that about 25 to 30 percent of flying public tip flight attendants. This is a hard one. You will be the judge.