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What’s going on with Atlantic City?

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Atlantic City’s newest, biggest and costliest casino which spent more than $2.4 billion to build, Revel Casino Hotel, announced that the resort is closing its doors after just over two years in operation. It is the latest in a slew of casinos that announced similar actions recently. Joining the faith of Revel are other casinos including Showboat and Atlantic Club that closed in January. Trump Plaza announced that it will be closing on September 16, 2014 pending approval from authorities. The three mile long Boardwalk will feel the difference without them. Atlantic City started with 12 casinos at the begging of 2014 and will end the summer with only eight remaining.

Once a promising and growing tourist destination what is going on with Atlantic City, the number two after Las Vegas? One reason is saturation. It had too many casinos, more than what the east coast can support. The result is unprofitable casinos closing down. Some of the casinos cost too much money to build and weren’t bringing in enough money to service the debt. The economic slump that the country experiencing for last two years stop people spending any money on vacations and gambling. Demand for casinos fallen steadily causing not enough gamblers and tourists to support.

Tourist Attractions in New Jersey

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By Al Donohue

There are countless reasons why you should think about purchasing some Glen Rock real estate in the near future. However, aside from the amazing school district, the social life and beauty of the area, there’s also plenty to do. Family from out of town will love visiting!

There’s the Jersey Shore, for example. Aside from being the setting for the breakout MTV show, the shore is also a beautiful place to have fun and relax, plus enjoy a bunch of rides and games.

Speaking of being outdoors, there is also Liberty State Park, the Delaware and Raritan Canal and Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Just about anywhere you look, you’ll find it opportunity to get outside in nature and have fun.

You can also take the family to Casino Pier and Adventure Aquarium. Both are sure to be a hit with adults and children alike. When it’s time for mom and dad to kick back and have some fun, though, they’ll probably enjoy Meadowlands Racetrack the best. After all, who doesn’t love gambling?

If you do, think about Atlantic City too. Outside of Las Vegas, it’s the hottest adult playground in the country.


In terms of beauty and prestige, Ridgewood homes aren’t going anywhere. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t getting bought up more and more every day. So if you’re looking to relocate, for whatever reason, it’s worth giving Ebergen County Homes a call today. They’re experts when it comes to this beautiful part of the country.

Great Paris Tours

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Written By Philippe Dardour

You can’t talk about great vacations without bringing up France. For those who have been all around the world, that French stamp on their passport is essential. Although they are an industrialized Western country, France is basically a whole another world for most people.

There is no end of options to what you can do in France either. For example, a French Riviera vacation is always a popular idea. The French Riviera will give you plenty of sun and fun and, if you go during the summer, you can even take in a movie and some celebrity watching at Cannes.

What’s more, there’s no place like France for a honeymoon. Paris has to be one of the most traveled to places on the planet for honeymooning purposes and why not? It is the city of love after all. You can take tours of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the world famous restaurants that dot the City of Lights.

So when you have an itch to get up and do some traveling, make sure you take aim at France. Amongst other things, it’s a great place for a romantic honeymoon.


Everyone should travel to France at some point in their life. It’s truly a country that lives up to its reputation, which says a lot if you know anything about it. When you’re ready to book your one of a kind, unforgettable vacation, contact French Experience and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

Things to Do on Seven Mile Beach

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Seven Mile Beach isn’t off the beaten path, but it’s not walking distance from the airport either. There are some resorts in the area, but most people tend to stay farther inland and reach Seven Mile Beach through other means. Booking a car rental in Grand Cayman is probably the most efficient method of getting around. There are also bus lines and taxis that frequent the area, but be sure that you are headed to a destination you actually want to see. There is a lot to wander around and see in Grand Cayman, but these spots are some of the islands most interesting getaways.

Cayman Marine Lab

The Cayman Marine Lab is a diving operator that will show you around some impressive spots beneath the sea of Grand Cayman. The operation only consists of two boats, but the operator has a PhD in marine biology. Expect to get detailed descriptions of the wildlife around the island, and some spectacular sights under water. Be aware that most dives leave promptly at 8 AM in order to catch the best sights. Call ahead for weather conditions, and a summary of what you’ll see that day.

Governor’s Beach

Governor’s beach is located in front of the governor’s home, and it’s one of the most frequented locations in Grand Cayman. The beach is serene, with crystal clear water and plenty of space for families to set up for the day. If you happen to visit the beach between the months of June and July, you can take some shaded cover near the sea grape trees and pick fresh fruit right off the vines. The beach is also on the Western side, so expect gorgeous sunsets.

North Sound Golf Club

North Sound is a championship golf course that caters to players of all skill levels. It is the only 18 hole course on the island, and it’s a little far removed from the rest of Seven Mile Beach. The course has beautiful vistas spread across 6,605 yards of greens. There are also PGA professionals on staff to give visitors pointers on their golf game.

Final Thoughts

Before you set out to enjoy these attractions, it’s important to understand that they are spread out from one another. Even though all are located on Seven Mile Beach, and the beach is not really seven miles, the locations are still far enough apart to warrant a car rental in Cayman Islands. If you do plan public transportation, expect higher fees to use it, and service that doesn’t always get you to your destinations on time.
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