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Why you should rent a car when in the UAE

March 24, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

1By Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Whether you’re in the UAE for business, travel or both, car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE are affordable and comfortable. Most car rental companies in these regions offer an extensive fleet of vehicles from compact cars, sedans, sports cars, convertibles, or SUVs. Car rental companies in the UAE also offer upgrades like GPS, child seats, additional drivers, insurance and more. Here are the reasons why you should rent a car when in the UAE;

  1. Comfort – Renting a car means that you can explore the region in comfort. Weather in the UAE can get quite hot and humid. However if you have your own car, you will be able to easily sightsee in the comfort of your own car.
  2. Hire a driver – If you’d rather not drive yourself, you could request for a driver. This way exploring the city will be easy as all drivers know all the tourist landmarks, restaurants and shopping centres.
  3. Travelling with Children – if you’re travelling with your family, which includes small children, you will be able to pack all necessary items (such as clothes, food, toys and car seats). This would make your visit a lot less tiring and much more enjoyable.
  4. Safety – If you intend to visit restaurants, pubs or clubs at night, travelling in your own car would be much safer than hailing a cab.
  5. Cost effective- Renting a vehicle can be quite cost effective for example, rent a car Abu Dhabi for as little as US $50 per day.

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What Makes Zankou Chicken so Good?

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The Iskendarian family first brought Zankou Chicken to America in the 1980s. The family had previously served Beirut from their store’s street corner location for more than 20 years. After such a long time, it was time to share the love with the rest of the world. Zankou left Beirut with the objective of opening a new store in every major city.

Today, Zankou has all but colonized Los Angeles, and the restaurant’s focus on quality is the primary reason why.

Quality First

Zankou Chicken begins with fresh meat. They don’t use freezers, and everything is hormone free. Especially the chicken. The tri-tip used to make Zankou’s incredible shawarma is USDA choice, so every bite is juicy and tasty.

The restaurant also buys local, and even serves Halal food from its Anaheim location. That local part is important, because it’s literally the basis for how the restaurant seasons its chicken. Tarna, which means “turn”, is made of authentic Mediterranean spices. The regular roasted chicken uses seasoning local to California for a unique taste that mimics Mediterranean but brings something entirely unique to your table.

You also get quite a bit of food for the price you pay. A whole chicken isn’t much more than $10-$15 depending on the sides you get with your meal. Go crazy with the sides and you’re only looking at about a $5 difference in price in most cases.

The garlic sauce also follows this formula, using vegetable oil, California garlic cloves and salt to make garlic sauce that has fueled an empire.